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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post

I like the Demelo for Curcuruto deal proposal though it will hurt next yr not having him back but if u are going for it why not if i am the whales,as for the other deal I would offer Maletta and Bateman with no picks for Leivo and Sefton and hope they both come back as O/As,think my offer would be better,and with that deal Windsor could take the division
I dont think either team would beat London and Owen Sd
But going forward to next yr if Levio and Sefton are O/As it would enhance a teams opps to win greatly especially Windsor
Not sure Sudbury would be interested in Sills and Jones both 95 born who have little progression,Vanderweil might help get it done,still like Maletta and Bateman better
Sudbury may prefer a Maletta and Bateman but I don't think it's that clear cut. Bateman has been an absolute mess. Maletta has been awful as well right up there with Perklin and Bateman for worst 1st rounder in the 11 draft. You can make the case Vanderweil and his lack of production has to do with being behind a long list of good forwards, what's Maletta's excuse? Might be my pessimism with the Spits but if I was another GM the only players I would have interest in is Clarke and Johnson because I think either could be a good 3rd liner on a championship caliber team. Note this doesn't include Vail or Rychel. It includes guys like Clarke, Johnson, Maletta, Marchese, Bateman etc..

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