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12-13-2012, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MaindotC View Post
This is an amazing analysis and I agree that there could be much more detail to fulfill a plot. The one thing that I would build around is the end battle with mother brain - a pure action sequence of mother brain developing into the gigantic, overpowering being that Samus has to fight. It makes me think of Luke Skywalker versus the Rancor Pit monster. If you throw in the baby Metroid taking mother brain's energy and then resupplying it to Samus I think it would make for an awesome ending - especially if Samus developed emotion for seeing the baby Metroid die. It's not like the metroid would have a facial expression but I still think it has the potential for an awesome ending.

In order to keep the plot from getting too dry you could take Zero Mission, Metroid II, and the SNES metroid game into one movie. That would be, initial fight w/ mother brain, discovering the baby metroid and taking it to the scientists (a lot could happen there - almost like Tom Hanks and Wilson in Castaway), then the spacestation fight w/ Ridley, and ending with the second mother brain battle.

Where do you see those comics of metroid and the initial development of Ridley / Samus's relationship?
There's more than enough in Zero Mission/Metroid 2 to keep the plot going for a whole movie, and the reason I didn't include mother brain in the first movie is because Ridley is really Samus' true rival, and having a fight after Ridley would feel odd. He's also the leader of the space pirates, and the first movie to be done right would really need to show Samus' origin (training with bird, then colony life) so I bumped Mother Brain back to movie 2.

Super Metroid also has a lot of plot, as well as a bunch of new villains, so I wanted to interject things like Phantoon and Myridia just because of how different they are. Plus a lot of Super Metroid would be needed to develop the relationship with the baby more, because it's very mother/daughter and needs proper development for the payoff to be as good as the games.

As for your fight about the fight with Mother that's what she is. She's a giant overpowered monster that Samus is no match for (in Super) until the baby comes along.

Don't forget Samus is much smaller than Mother Brain:

The official Metroid manga can be found over at

(Dont forget its a manga, read from right to left)

A LOT of the elements of the manga were put into the games, Other M specifically (like Samus being mentally damaged, unable to fight Ridley) but the execution was horrible.

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