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Originally Posted by Tortorella View Post

Also the third sentence is absolutely false. Lidstrom barely got beat on the forecheck since he was probably the best at moving the puck out of his own zone. He got to the puck quicker than the forecheckers could and threaded needle passes to his wingers.

Which 'young, physical teams' nullified Lidstrom? He was really never the problem.

As with Pronger, he was taken to school by Patrick Kane in 2010. He's generally had a tougher time with the smaller, skilled players.

Almost every player the past few years acknowledge Lidstrom as the best d-man in the league when there was Neidermayer, Pronger, Zubov, etc. He is simply on another level.

Chris Pronger was the modern day Joe Thornton before Joe Thornton became known as the choke artist. His Blues teams were quite dominant during the regular season, some years on par with the Wings.

I'd choose Lidstrom because he is easily the better player. More cups, more Norris Trophies, a Conn Smythe, etc.
I can't speak for the whole of his career, but I can say that I've noticed in the later half that coaching (or at least Babcock) doesn't want Lidstrom chasing dumps. It became increasingly obvious in the past three or four years, even when he's the first defenseman back, his partner retrieves, takes the beating, and lets Lidstrom figure it out from there out. How much of it has to do with his age and how much of this strategy was residual is up for debate, but it seemed like the past few years, the one trick in the book on Lidstrom was that if you could force him to retrieve the dump in, he would be significantly less effective.

EDIT: I believe there was something on it within the last year or two, showing multiple instances in the playoffs where Stuart had to go back and take the hit to keep Lidstrom untouched. Caps fans brought it up while discussing what coaching should be doing with Mike Green.

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