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Originally Posted by ford42 View Post
I am athletic i am a very good football, track and basketball athlete. And when it comes to hockey i can skate around with no problem at all, but right now the snow is a good friend. I've been playing pond hockey for about a year. Therefore i would say that im a begineer, as far as skateing goes... I have a lot of trouble doing common swift,fast hockey stop. I'am 6'3" 230 and i have size 9.5 feet( US shoe size), i THINK what is happening, when i got the skates sharpened they made the groove to deep or in different terms the "U" in the blade is to deep. So, when i try to stop the blade digs in to hard.(Could that be possible?) Also, do to my weight and shoe size, i THINK theres more pressure being put on a small blade and it makes it hard to stop.(is that possible?).. what can i do? I know this may sound dumb but please help if you can.

If this helps i have really cheap CCM Vector 3.0's, i dont think thats it cause i see people stop i cheap skates all the time.
What is happening when you try to stop? Are you tumbling forward, moving in a circle. slipping on your heel?

I'll try to give a simple tip I give to youngsters learning to stop.

When you stop, try to cut 1" into (deep, like you are taking off a layer) the ice, for 12" in length.
Keep trying over and over. Your quads should burn.

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