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12-13-2012, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Is his hypothetical situation even possible?

I know you know, but will point out that the escrow fund was cleared out this October after both sides signed off on the numbers.
Possible but as mentioned above, wouldn't happen.

Even under the current (or now previous situation); it was well known the players were more than happy with the last CBA and would have willingly extended it no problem. Let's say the owners didn't want to have a lockout and so decided to start the season playing off of the last CBA without any non-strike agreement with the players; Fehr would have done something similar to his baseball trick; waited til March and basically threatened the owners "we extend the previous CBA by 4 years or we strike now"; It would hurt the players but not significantly as they don't get paid a lot in the playoffs but would hurt the owners big time losing the playoff revenue.

That is why they will never be in that situation; if the owners are willing to play the season and negotiate on the go, they will only do that if the players agree not to strike. You think fans are mad now, imagine playing 80% of the regular season and then nixing the rest? You could argue that the beginning of the end of the Montreal Expos was them having their first place season nixed.

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