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12-13-2012, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Devils Advocate View Post
Whether you like Mark Cuban, his ego, or anything about him doesn't matter. What he said was absolutely true. It doesn't matter if he's a hypocrite, it's still true. If your opinions of him prevent you from comprehending what he said it's a real shame...and only leads to meaningless banter about him, instead of the real Issue which is each side refusing to listening to the other side.
Expect he is making it sound like he would do things differently if he was an owner of an NHL team when the truth is he would be doing the same thing he is accusing both sides of doing here like he did as owner of the Mavs during the last CBA. If he is really telling the truth then instead of accusing both the players and the league for doing the same thing he has done, he would say "I agree with what the NHL is doing here and screw what the players want overall". Mark Cuban is no Mr. Goodie Two Shoes as he tried to make himself out to be with his thoughts about this mess.

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