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12-13-2012, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Pravi83Oil View Post
As surprising as it may be, but Hemsky and Parenteau are actually both the same age (actually Hemsky is 5 months younger), so youth doesnt factor in. Also im not sure how you could call PA Parenteau a 20g 50A player whenn he has only 2 full NHL seasons under his belt, and only appeared on the map after he started playing with Tavares. Hes hit 60+ points once in his career, which was last year, and had 53 points the year before. Unless hes the exception, generally when you enter the NHL at the age of 27, your likely seeing what your going to get.
Yeah, with only 2 full years in the league, it's easy to overlook that Parenteau is older. My mistake.

Still, a guy that put up PPG numbers for 4 consecutive years in the AHL gets the chance at the NHL and puts up 120 points in 161 games during his full 2 seasons. If that's what I get from him, I'm a happy camper.

By comparison, the last time that Hemsky played more than 70 games was 2008-09. So, would you rather have a guy who scores at about 0.75 PPG for 80 games or a guy that scores at a PPG for 45?

And, you'll notice that I said "in the right situation" when calling PA at 20/50 player. With 18G/49A playing with Tavares, that seems to be a valid claim. Since Duchene and Tavares were pretty much tied for career scoring before last season, Duchene and a decent scoring LW could be a similar situation. Even he ends up at 15/40, that's still decent for a team that is expected to be rolling 3 scoring lines.

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