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Originally Posted by penguins2946 View Post
As in, I'd rather pick a defender out of the OHL than the WHL. Of what I've seen, most defenders in the WHL are farther behind defensively than the defenders of the OHL. Just my opinion though. There's a reason that most games have about 8 or 9 goals scored in the WHL while most OHL games don't go above 6 or 7.

I think your confusing the Qmjhl and the Whl, the WHL has never been considered a high scoring offensive league... ever. And probably never will. Its always been the rough and tumble league of the three, the type of league that you get guys who will go to the trenches so to speak in the playoffs, guys who grind out wins, take and give a lickin to do it - typical farm boy types.

If your analysis of the WHL is that it is an offensive league, I would suggest that you have not watched any significant amount of WHL games.

Now, had you said that above about the Q, I would agree with you. However, the indicating the WHL is an offensive league is so wrong its headscratching - but thats the trend with most of your posts.

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