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12-13-2012, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Because they are living of city largess and if this dries up ( and it may) then the NHL is going to go back to the have markets and say, you gotta pay more. We have to stabilize nashville ( or any other southern team) because Nashville cant make it on their own. oh and we need this boost for the next twenty years.

The southern market teams get to do whatever the hell the want, they can literally run the team into the ground and when someone comes calling to collect, they can cry poor and say " we cant make in in the markets we pooched, so either increase RS or we go for another lockout and take if off the backs of players".

That greatly overestimates how much any of those teams are hurting, and Nashville has done a rather good job and is a growing market now. Ultimately the "haves" need the "have nots" to becomes stronger, that's why the league invested in expansion. Because in the long term a bigger league and larger market is better for everyone, including the "haves". As I said, in a contracting provincial league that is nationally irrelevant the "haves" will not remain "haves" either. If you think that the CAL Rangers would bring in the same revenue as the NHL Rangers, I'd say you are mistaken

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