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12-13-2012, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Whoa, I just read bolded part again.

So in essence they want just some itsy-bitsy changes from the League so they go home only crying and not balling their eyes out? Is it really about a modicum of pride at this point?

I mean seriously...what "few small ways" are they looking for? If they are willing to accept the fact that the league isn't going to give in and would just as well not play this season, why can't the players call the owners' bluff and say "we accept."

Now THAT would be fun to watch the owners' reactions.
It does sound like a pride thing doesn't it? The whole (hole?) thing is turning weirder and weirder to me with each passing day. If indeed the season is cancelled which both sides seem to agree will happen if things don't come together in time for January games then I have to wonder if the owners/league ever really wanted to have a season at all. I am not taking sides on this but I mean if everything is cancelled and indeed it turns out that the owners aren't and haven't been willing to make any real concessions from the start then you would have to look at the reasons why they would do such a thing.

I remain optimistic but after awhile I have to start wondering if I am really just hearing what I want to hear and believing the best in people when really sometimes things don't work out the way that they should.

Meh, this afternoon I heard that the NHLPA will be indeed taking what is on the table now to tis members for a "loose vote" in the near future. Take that for what it is worth because I haven't heard anything about it from anyone in the media at all.

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