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12-13-2012, 05:02 PM
John Holmes*
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vCash: 500 I thought I hated the ottawa media

I haven't listened to the Team 1200 regularly for almost a decade, but I have always enjoyed Stu wherever he turns up.

He used to be a waiter at the bar at Algonquin College WAAAYYYYY back in the day.

I remember him being a pretty nice and funny guy. Of course I can't comment on the current state of the radio / tv business in Ottawa, but it sure sounds bleak from what you guys are writing here.

I wrote that radio & tv is a dead industry several months ago and there were a couple of posters that vehemently disagreed with me, but looks like I was right on the money (as usual)

If guys like Terry Marcotte are doing RADIO to make ends

What's next...lame radio guys doing Rogers TV?

It's a tough industry, and Ottawa is a very difficult place to make it happen in. I think it's Toronto or bust these days for anyone hoping to get in to the business. Or some bumf__k town station in the middle of nowhere that won't even pay you enough to live on.

Colleges like Algonquin really should stop churning out grads year after year that really have no hope of finding work in their chosen field. There will always be a couple out of every year that make it, and once in a while one will hit it big like Norm Macdonald, Tom Green, Jon Dore (arguably). Gord Wilson has done pretty well for himself too.

It's rough out there.

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