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12-13-2012, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean;56507807[B
]no_ goalie making that kind of cash. That isn't a Luongo specific argument. You continue to miss the point (Quelle surprise). _Any_ goalie of Luongo's calibre on a shorter term deal will be making 6m+. So if the cap-hit is a concern for Luongo, it's a concern for every goalie that is of his type[/B]. What you are arguing here is that you want _

NL, do you honestly believe Gillis had not considered the potential risk in retain Luongo into his 40's? This management team has taken into account all the risks. It's the only way they even issue a contract like that out to someone - they know everything about it. Back to front. No one is skirting over anything here. Likewise, VAN fans are _well_ aware of the implications of his contract. We were discussing it years before TO fans had an inkling of acquiring him.

Lastly, if Luongo wanted to stay, I'd have no problem with Gillis retaining him. Not one. Goaltending like that tandem would keep this team competitive for a long time. But the fact is, Luongo wants to leave. So there's really no choice in the matter.
There has been very few if anyone who has made an issue with his cap hit, the issue is the continuation of his cap hit in his late 30's and early 40's. Firstly, this contract and others is the main reason it looks as though there will be contract limits and limitations on the percentages over the contract. Circumventing contracts like this will cease to exist. Thanks to this contract, the abilty to put players in the minors to hide the cap hit will no longer be available. Any contract has to be weighted as the present and future value to the club as well as many other things. The point is simply this, this contract was designed to play less initially, with the length and variation of salary so the cap hit in his prime is lower. Problem is, the team aquiring him is getting him at the later stages of his career and contract. where the main risk lies.

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