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12-13-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by worraps View Post
Calgary, Ottawa, and Buffalo are basically just as small. That doesn't change the fact that Edmonton is tiny.

There are giants in the playground (namely Montreal, Toronto, and New York) and if franchises like the Oilers, Flames, Senators, and Sabres don't receive extra support from their markets they will be crushed.

It is not franchises located in markets like Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Buffalo that drive player costs up to exorbiant levels. It's markets like New York, Montreal, and Toronto.
If you think Edmonton is tiny, I'd hate to hear what you think a place like Grand Prairie is. Edmontons size is really being overplayed in this convo. Edmonton isn't a mega city, but it isn't tiny. It's even considered a major city. Same with Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Buffalo. Is it tiny compared to New York, sure, but most are. I never hear anyone refer to Calgary or Ottawa as "tiny" either.

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