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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I still simplified the stats though. It isn't hard to see the guy is still a perennial Art Ross winner without #4.

Alright but seriously, the guy had 27 points in three rounds in 1970. That's staggering, especially at that time. That is nearly impossible to replace. Whether they still win a Cup or not isn't something I can predict but we would have to ask ourselves just how a player like Bucyk would react to being the best Bruin forward and face some tougher assignments. Hard to imagine those points being accounted for.

I think you seem to be making up your mind on things. It isn't a disservice to Orr to call Esposito the 2nd best Bruin. No one argues Orr was better. However, your posts are growing increasingly dismissive regarding the impact Esposito had on the Bruins. To me it isn't any coincidence either that the team got good once he arrived. Coupled with Orr's emergence we ended up seeing what we saw. I've never heard anyone more or less dismiss Esposito to the extent you have on these boards. Any historian worth their salt would look at those Bruins championships and realize Orr is #1 followed by another dominating prescence. Do you realize how many other players in NHL history would be second fiddle to Orr? Probably all but two or three.
No doubt Bucyk scored more points thanks to Orr as well. I touched on that already. But the thing about Orr is, as the numbers clearly state, he was generating tons of offense regardless of who was on the ice with him. So Itís not a question of who fills in for Phil or gets harder matchups. Most of those goals, they still happen, and of course, all Orrís points arenít unassisted goals, so there are a couple more points awarded on most of them. Those points donít all go missing; most of them just get scored by some other players.

You also havenít explained why Esposito was a drastically different player when on the ice by himself.

Anyway, youíre the hockey authority, I think Iíll defer to you on this one. Good day.

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