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Originally Posted by EdTheSabresFan View Post
No you're cute. Indonesia is not a good example.

According to global internet rankings the fastest speeds (average of 30-40 mbps dl) are generally available in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Lithuania, Luxembourg, S. Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Romania, and Latvia.

While Canada technically has a faster AVERAGE speed compared to the entirety of the United States, when you remove the primarily rural states (i.e. Idaho), their average beats us every time.

Canada's pop./technological development matches many of these states, so what gives? The answer is a lack of relative commercial competition mixed with healthy doses of heavy (inaccurate) marketing, and unwillingness to develop local infrastructure. Sure Bell and Rogers are better than most situations in 3rd world countries............................. but then again I'm sure they'd find a way to nickel and dime every starving villager they could find if that was possible (and still provide terrible, inconsistent service).

What an uneducated, completely lol-worthy response...I actually laughed out loud reading what you wrote.
This is all really stupid. You're picking and choosing your criteria that meet your idiotic argument.

Why would anyone think that a country with 9 times the people in a much smaller land mass wouldn't have (marginally) superior internet connections compared to Canada?

Stop whining about stupid things that are irrelevant and attacking others when you're in the wrong. Or do you want to look like a six year old that just discovered the internet?

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