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12-13-2012, 06:40 PM
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After dumping close to a grand into top end sticks this year, and having 3 of them break on me far too quickly for my liking, I am both heartbroken and confused as ever about what stick(s) to try next. Maybe you fellas can help me out.

I'm 5'9" 190lbs and don't have a preferred shot, I use snappers, slapshots, and wristers, but likely in that order. I play all skater positions regularly as well.

My 1-pc stick history, from memory (oldest to newest):

Easton Synergy
Warrior MacDaddy
Easton S17
Easton SE16
Warrior Dolomite DD
Bauer Vapor APX

I usually go with either a 75/77 or 85/87 flex, but tbh I don't have any idea what I'm supposed to "feel" with the flex, or if I have ever really noticed it or loaded any stick properly. I do feel like my shots are a bit faster and more accurate with the 85 flex however.

My biggest points of confusion are with kickpoint and flex. The only thing I could say I notice is on the low kick sticks they feel less responsive somehow, and if I shoot the way I normally did before having one like that, my shots were wonky. When I shoot slower and "let the stick do the work" the shots are much better but it doesn't feel natural.

Both the APX and RBZ treated me well, but man are they expensive. I went through 2 APXs this year and both lasted me about 2-3 months each. The RBZ made it about 5 months. I decided I couldn't bring myself to go top end again right away and picked up the RBZ 60, but I am not as happy with it. Any thoughts? Just go back to the RBZ and suck it up? Thanks.

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