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Originally Posted by Legend Killer View Post
Ohhh this topic again....

Even if the building is 60/40 Sens Leafs.... The 40% Leafs will be 10x as loud as the 60 percent Sens.. Coming into SBP is their Super Bowl... They get loaded, for the most part act like obnoxious morons, then retreat back to their homes, whether they be in Ottawa or down the 401 and wait to do it all again.... This happens 3 times a year...

Ive had a 1/2 Season package for 4-5 years now and Ive been to the majority of the Leaf games over that span... My observations....

If Im above 35-40 years old... Im not going
If I attend games with my child... Im not going

So now take our STH base and subtract any couple above say 40 years old, or any family... Whats left?

If you are banking on the 18-35 year old males to fill up the stands and fight the good fight... Its not happening. Ive bought tickets from Sens STH who would rather not be there listening to drunk idiots scream and swear and them or their kids... try and start fights or just be obnoxious.

I cant say that I agree with games of 4000 Sens fans to 16,000 + Leaf fans... Id say at WORST it could be 50/50
So if you are over the age of 35-40 or have kids you cant go cheer on your team and take in a rivalry game? I dont get this argument. Go, do your thing, wear your jersney, eat your hot dog, buy your foam finger and enjoy it. Only in Ottawa are parents and those 40+ hyper sensitive to (limited) foul language and (limited) beer drinking. Must be something in our water....or character.

And if the Sens arent banking on the 18-35 year old male, well who the **** are they banking on? That should be their #1 demographic!!!!!! We're talking SPORTS here!!!!!! Again, only in Ottawa should the one TRUE professional SPORTS team bank on the 0-17 and 40-75 demo. That middle ground there, those who are the true CONSUMERS and BELIEVERS, yeah, forget about them. Cant bank on them to fight the good fight. Jesus.

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