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12-13-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
I work at a rink in the GTA. When you have 4 rinks full from 8am to 11 pm you can imagine the sharpens that come in.

You also have people on here trying to state that a 1/4" cut is normal for a goalie. I think people are looking at this from a standpoint of doing their own skates are home or in a small mom and pop shop compared to a business that is full constantly. Ideally you'd like to be able to take your time, level the blade before and after sharpening, ensure all the rivets and what not and secured etc. but that isn't realistic when there are a dozen skates waiting to be sharpened.
LOL nowadays, a normal goalie cut is anywhere from 1/4" - 1/2". I see these hollows for goalies way more than I see 5/8" or more shallow. 10 years ago I saw less goalies getting deep hollows, but even then, they were.

We get tons of sharpenings in our 3 surface rink so I know all about volume. I, personally, take my time leveling each and every skate and I still get it done faster than I would if I cross-grinded every single one. If you're good, you can level the skate off pretty quickly WITHOUT cross-grinding it or using silly gauges. I think it's hilarious when customers ask me if they can see our gauge on their skates lol.

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