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12-13-2012, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
I don't think so. My fiend got into Business/Math double degree here with 90's in math, and high 60's in physics.

It shouldn't matter. One more thing about Waterloo - as far as I know, they prioritize highschools. Meaning, students from certain schools have advantages over other.

They base this one two categories:
- The success rate of students from every school
- The average applicant mark from every school

So, those marks are somewhat relative. Do most people in your have grades like those? Like is the average high 60/low 70 is? That could work as an advantage for you.

I got this info from a prof during my tours, and also from a couple of my HS teachers.
The average is low 70s in most classes ... Thing is, classes like Bio and Chem have high averages because almost everyone dropped, and the people who are still in it are getting good marks

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