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Originally Posted by stigs17 View Post
Somewhat agreed, Franco. True to his profession, Macramalla is very smarmy, overconfident, self-serving and carries an elitist tone. He's the guy who eats up 80% of the conversation at the bar thinking he's remarkably interesting (and is on a mission to prove it!), but completely aloof to the fact the perceptive folks can read his endless self-pumping within 30 seconds. Like one academic told me early on, "you don't learn anything when you make yourself the centre of attention." So many in life completely miss this, or would rather show off than learn and sincerely interact with others.

That said, like Simpson, I respect the fact he brings on relevant, current insiders and generally probes what the intelligent listener would wish to know (after the self-indulgent spiels). Still, it's odd how he went from obscurity to CTV's go-to guy for anything legal in sports. Polished Lisa Laflamme - one of the best journalists in the country for years now - already has him on speed dial, which is pretty impressive. I'll take Mac 1000% over fluffy time wasters like Jason "Airhead" York. Great guy, but the poster child for why ex-players should not be handed three-hour gigs.
Hah, I don't like lawyers either ... good characterization of them.

I think calling York an airhead is a little harsh. He lacks an edge which is required for interesting talk radio, but that is different from being an airhead.

I don't agree with a lot of the negative comments in this thread, but I will say I'm surprised no one has called out the increased prominence of Hammer on TGOR. From the mindless quips to the hyena laugh this guy is the most annoying on air personality they've EVER had. And that is saying a lot...

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