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06-01-2006, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by habfan4
BTW: Don't take this personally, it's only a discussion, ironically between two non-smokers. I don't necessarily have a problem with smoking in bars etc... it's never bothered me and I've spent more than my fair share of time in smokey bars. This development in Quebec and Ontario simply seems to reflect the way society's view have shifted (along with a growing acceptance that protecting peoples health is paramount).
It is funny that two non-smokers are debating this.

If Canada wants to go this way then great, I mean really it is such an easy political decision that it is not going to be stopped anytime soon. I'm just coming at this from a comparative perspective. I've lived a couple of year in Korea reciently and there are no open container licquor laws and you can smoke in bars and some restaruants. It creates alot of great districts in the city where you can have a huge amount clubs in an area and have it spill out onto the street. It kind of like having the Red Mile every Friday night. I think its great but it probably causes some problems, so its a trade off I understand that. They have their own dracionain laws in this regard, you can't take out money from ATM after 12 o'clock so thats their random and arbitrary solution to public health.

Canada is what Canada is, pleasent, nice, and safe, except I find Canadian are more violent than most but that is just personal opinion. I like it here and the fact that we ban smoking in public places is just part of the culture, even if I think its a little nanny statish.

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