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Originally Posted by Habbadasher View Post
"Relevant" numbers without context are meaningless.

None of us here can even imagine $15 million, forget about "sharing" it.
I agree, but we know what the context is.

Approximately 3.3 billion dollars in total annual revenue league-wide, with 140 million in total profits that is not evenly distributed. Median profit per team is 3 million per year, but 13 of 30 teams are unprofitable.

The owners want increased profits, so they have asked and received 230 million dollars in annual concessions from the players, a number that scales with league revenue. That is 7% of league revenue, it's substantial.

They're also offering 40 million in increased revenue sharing, this number does not scale with league revenue, and is equal to ~1% of total NHL revenue.

[I think I said 33 million before, that was a mistake, it's 40 million].

I personally am for expansion of the game and would be excited to see a 36-team league. The biggest winners if that ends up happening are the existing owners, they would make money from expansion fees, from the increased national TV deal, and from the lower salary cap that would result. I just don't see why the players should finance every cent or even 85% of said expansion. I support the underlying Bettman of penetrating the American consciousness, even if I disagree on some details.

I'm for concessions from the players. The NHLPA has endorsed concessions of 230 million/year. The NHL owners should in turn make their own concessions. If they put more money into revenue sharing, they'll come out ahead in the long-term.

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