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12-13-2012, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Where there's smoke there's likely some fire. Read about it from one or two disgruntled employees and you can go....meh. Read about it from several sources and something starts to smell. Perhaps you're not as well connected as you think?
Its funny that everything you state applies to Reed as well. There was some bad blood already this year. But its just hearsay and should only be taken as such.

But as far as Tillman the "disgruntled employees" are some of the players that were cut from the team this year or last. So some obvious vested interest and want to kickback obviously exist.

One mistake you're making in this, and Money alredy mentioned it, is you're taking whatever Rhodes, Reed, or Hervey is stating now as gospel. I have no idea given the circumstances why you would. Theres more than meets the eye to this.

Its my suspicion(I don't know one way or the other) that we're not getting all the laundry and all the story here. The dynamic could be that Tillman has become an easy scapegoat. Because he's gone.

Its not an agreed statment of fact Tillman wasn't here a lot. Its not an agreed statement of fact he wasn't performing his duties. Its not an agreed statement of fact that he wasn't dilligent enough and filling the job description. It is all hearsay conjecture. In some of your argument you're stating problems as if they are substantiated. They aren't, and if I'm Tillman I've sought legal council by now.

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