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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
there's part of the equation you're missing...

no one is saying people who study arent putting as much effort as those who study and do sports.

the equation is pretty simple actually, aside from the fact they're on the bus instead of a plane, Jr hockey players play/practice at pretty much the same pace as AHLers and NHLers do (70+ games schedules)...

sure they can give all they got when it comes to going to classes and studying, but it's 100% of what's left, so to speak and study+sport sure isnt the same as study+free time, come on now...

the kid who has to travel from Sherbrooke to Rouin Noranda, or Terre Neuve to Gatineau, for games will not have as much free time to study, neither will he have the same energy to put in to his homeworks.

And even if you were training at a very high level, you can't compare your situation with those of Junior players... I mean, what is it in Karate ? provincials once a year, National once a year, PanAm once a year (assuming you're good enough to go), one competition a year within your organisation (if you were in the SKI, JKA or something) and maybe one or two more troughout the year... and you want to compare that to a sport that start/ends at the same time as CEGEP and Universities do ? to kids who have to travel from Boisbriand to PEI, from Rimouski to Gatineau, from Rouin to Sherbrooke on a somewhat regular basis ? to kids who have to play 2 or 3 (and sometimes maybe 4) games a week on top of practices ?

reality, you were attending Karate "classes" 2 or 3 times a week, maybe 4, 2H classes top. Maybe used some of your "free time" to train some more (key word : FREE time).

And there's a reason you could get good grades while you were also training. A simple one. in LOTS of other sports (even at a high level) you will have much more free time to do whatever you feel like, Karate included (really, try me, how many competitions a year you were doing ?).

Get some perspective.
How did you miss the point again even after I bold and underlined it?!?!?!? I clearly stated that there are people who choose to go to university who work as hard as guys who choose to try and get into professional sports. I said the type of work is different but how hard they work is the same.

All I am saying is that other people who go to university work as hard as hockey players and if they fail in their chosen profession they are in the same boat as any hockey player is in if he fails at his chosen profession. As such, the "risks" associated with becoming a hockey player are not that special and not equivalent to the financial risk an NHL owner takes when running and paying for an NHL team. Surely to goodness you can start to understand the point I have been making over and over and over by now???

This wasn't supposed to be about me, but I actually trained 2 hours every day throughout the 7 years I did university full time while working 1-3 part time jobs. By the way, I do not do "Karate", I do Kung Fu (there is a huge difference). I averaged 4 hours of sleep per night throughout that time with the occasional (once every 2nd or 3rd week, depending) Saturday crash of 7-9 hours of sleep. Believe me, I have been working hard since I was 15 years old. I know all about sacrifice and hard work. I am actually quite proud of the hard work I have done, and continue to do, throughout my life.

Hockey players work tremendously to try and make the NHL. So do many other people on this planet. Please, please tell me you get the point THIS TIME!

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