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12-10-2003, 10:27 AM
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Is this a lost season for Gaborik??

Guys,I wanted to debate this a little and see what you thought....I will start off by saying that I've only seen a couple of Wild games this year but I always try to keep up on them,and I've been shocked at the lack of production that Gaborik's had so far.....He's one of my favorites so what gives?? Could the hold-out be the main reason right now or is he just snakebitten?? I heard Lemaire critisize him a little while back and was just wondering whether that's had any effect at all......I know the common rebutal will be that he doesn't play with any talent around him , but look what Nash is doing in Columbus,and I can't believe that he's playing with that much better talent then Gaborik is......I guess the bottom line is,I love Gabby but his production needs to pick up bottom line.......Is it possible that It's just a matter of time before the goal's start poring in??What do you guys think??

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