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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
Taking defensive guys doesn't work, their defense doesn't end up meaning much but they hold the puck far less and have things like the Russian debacle happen.

Taking skilled guys who are a lot tougher than some people make them out to be, but who also hold the puck a lot wins tournments. Many (Including myself) called Hay a diaster-in-waiting before the tournement, and his style was. Spott knows how international tournements are won in todays game, not the game of 15 years ago like Hay did. Cameron of 2 years ago was similar but he made an effort to take more skilled guys, but ended up cutting the 2 top defensemen in camp (Murray and Murphy), while both of those guys were tearing up their leagues and were much more talented then guys he took.

Which reminds me of that 2011 world junior camp. It was before most people knew who Murphy was, no one around to say he was horrible defensively; at least no one that got taken seriously, and he as well as Murray were the two guys really had a problem with taking. Not to mention many had them slotted together in the top 6, but many now despite Murphy being 10x the defender want him as the 7th.

Russian debacle, you mean losing 6-5?

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