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Originally Posted by catmanhabsfan
you hate smokers? youre an idiot. yay, now the government can police more of our lives. cheers to freedom. Why cant we make our own bars where only smokers can be..god only knows.i understand not smoking in a restaurant,mall etcc..anywhere where children might be. but a bar? anyone who thinks their living a healthy lifestyle at a bar is fooling themselves. still dont know why they just dont make different bars for nonsmokers and smokers. funny thing...they still allow cigar lounges and pipe lounges open. cant smoke a cig in there, but you can puff away on pipes and cigars all night.
Why, invariably, when someone calls someone else an "idiot", he/she doesn't even have the intellect to insert commas in their proper places, start a sentences with capitals, use 'their' when 'they're' is proper, spell God in upper case (I guess He's not important enough for a "capital"). For some reason I always get a laugh out of that.

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