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Originally Posted by vsk92 View Post
Some people do, but I'm not really a Celtic fan and I couldn't even care about Sankt Pauli

but I'm just basing my statement on what 2 friends of mine (from Stuttgart ) say
Your friends are entitled to their opinion and there's obviously no objective ranking on this issue but it's far-fetched. A lot of clubs have had some white nationalists in their stands and especially the hooligan firms tend to attract them. No doubt HSV have had some of that. But the same is true of Werder Bremen or Kaiserslautern, Hertha Berlin or Eintracht Frankfurt and a number of other clubs. But in all those cases it's not really been a dominant element of the fan scene for 10+ years.

I don't think there is a club in the top leagues where it is a dominant element, but Energie Cottbus and Dynamo Dresden probably have bigger issues on that front than Hamburg today.

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