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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
How did you miss the point again even after I bold and underlined it?!?!?!? I clearly stated that there are people who choose to go to university who work as hard as guys who choose to try and get into professional sports. I said the type of work is different but how hard they work is the same.

All I am saying is that other people who go to university work as hard as hockey players and if they fail in their chosen profession they are in the same boat as any hockey player is in if he fails at his chosen profession. As such, the "risks" associated with becoming a hockey player are not that special and not equivalent to the financial risk an NHL owner takes when running and paying for an NHL team. Surely to goodness you can start to understand the point I have been making over and over and over by now???

This wasn't supposed to be about me, but I actually trained 2 hours every day throughout the 7 years I did university full time while working 1-3 part time jobs. By the way, I do not do "Karate", I do Kung Fu (there is a huge difference). I averaged 4 hours of sleep per night throughout that time with the occasional (once every 2nd or 3rd week, depending) Saturday crash of 7-9 hours of sleep. Believe me, I have been working hard since I was 15 years old. I know all about sacrifice and hard work. I am actually quite proud of the hard work I have done, and continue to do, throughout my life.

Hockey players work tremendously to try and make the NHL. So do many other people on this planet. Please, please tell me you get the point THIS TIME!
clearly you just dont want to get it. kids who try to reach the NHL (or other pro sport) dont chose the sport over school. NO. they do the sport, in this case hockey, WHILE GOING TO SCHOOL. they're not doing one of the two, they're doing BOTH, they go to school AND play sport...

following YOUR logic, there's nothing to be proud of, you werent working any harder than anyone who was going to school only, that's nothing uncommon or special... right ?

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