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here's a few more old faves of mine off GOG ...

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (was one of the first games i ever owned on PC ....might have been the 2nd one i bought)

Out of this World (actually owned this on the SNES, before i ever owned a PC. completed it many times tho ...really liked it)

MDK (this game kinda blew me away when it first came out. there was really nothing else like it least as far as i can remember)

Phantasmagoria (was the biggest game ever released at the time. came out on 7 CDs and was probably the most 'mature' game i ever played back then. had a bit of nudity (which was totally uncommon in games at the time, and some really disturbing and gory death scenes. it also had a r*** scene ...which is something you don't ever see too often in games)

Giants: Citizen Kabuto (i remember this was one of the first games that made use of 'T&L' tech (transform and lightning) on the first Nvidia Geforce cards. after all the hype about how awesome this game was gonna look, i finally picked it up and was pretty blown away by the graphics (i believe i was running a Geforce 256 at the time). aside from having some really nice graphics (pretty awesome for its time), it was a pretty good game, too.

and here's the very first game i ever bought on PC. i actually bought
it before i even had my PC (got the PC a couple weeks later).
The 7th Guest
some of those puzzles were frickin hard ...ended up using a walkthough for some of them. anyway ...after playing SNES games for a couple years and then seeing 7th Guest, on CD no less, ...well, i was quite blown away to say the least. i don't think i ever turned the SNES on again ...eventually selling it and all my games (had around 30 SNES games when i sold it). the PC gamer in me was born.

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