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Originally Posted by Boltsfan2029 View Post
They re-did 48 games for all the teams last shortened season. Why do you feel they were able to do it then but would be unable to do it now?
You know this for a fact, or was someone just remembering how they think it happened 18 yrs ago?

I'm not sure what the NBA did.

Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
Got it on post # 12. Once you go past the point of being able to save an 82 game schedule, the whole thing would need to be re-done to ensure competative balance. I'm sure the league has many schedules in place depending on the start date. In this day and age redoing a schedule is not rocket science. It's not like they have some guy in a back room with a pad of paper, pencil, eraser and a calendar spread out in front of him.

You can't ensure everything once your season is chopped up. You have inflexible arena dates, which again, are set months ahead of time. Now, the dates that were committed to NHL games are probably still open, but you have to re-do completely the travel schedules. What if the team you want to play on your available dates [for your competitive balance schedule] has the same home dates blocked out? Or the travel doesn't work out because teams don't want to be ping pong balls across their conferences?

What you do have is the schedule as already set with specific teams and specific arena dates. Doing your approach requires reinventing the wheel while jumping through all sorts of hoops to get dates and travel to line up, but this time without the months of lead time on the arena dates. It's not like the arena operators haven't been working to fill around the NHL schedule once it was released.

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