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06-01-2006, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by rdmcknn
Dude read my arguement before you bring this hyperbole. Sexual harassment is illegal, smoking is not. There is no reasonalbe benefit to sexual harassment, they are getting enjoyment at the expense of another person. Smokers don't do this it really is a personal activity that has a negative side effect. Also if you respond to this please don't try to draw a parellel between second hand smoke and sexual harassment, they are so completely in different leagues that they are not comparable. When I walk down the street I breathe in car fumes, it would be an abuse of language to say that I am being harassed when I am walking down the street.
The point is that society/government has a duty to protect people in the workplace. Nobody should have to make a choice whether or not to work in an unsafe workplace. All workplaces should be as safe as reasonably possible.

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