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12-13-2012, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
Like it or not, there are different types of "wins" and different types of "losses."
That's only because of the points system.

Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Why in the hell can't you? They aren't played by the same rules.
Because you can't make up separate games to fit your argument. When teams show up to the arena they play one game.

Yeah OT has slightly different rules, but sudden death in itself is a different rule. Should we ban OT altogether then?

Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Hockey is waaaaay closer to soccer's planet than it is to baseball, football, or basketball. That isn't even a debate.
It shouldn't be. Soccer does everything backwards. It's popular because of the aesthetic of the game. It's a wonderful sport at its core. They call it "the beautiful game" for a reason.

That being said, the systems used in soccer are generally god awful and shouldn't be a model for the NHL. Unless of course you'd like to see aggregate scoring used in the NHL playoffs.

Originally Posted by Pacem View Post
And yet they use a system where every game is worth the same amount of points. Id the NHL did that then the loser point term goes away.
No in soccer a win is 3 points and a tie is 1 each. So just like in Hockey some games are 3 some games are 2. Same ****.

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