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Originally Posted by OHLTG View Post
Let's be fair for a second to the Spits; they played with them to the end. There were two reasons tonight's game turned out the way it did:

1. Non-call on Thomson for the hit on Sieloff. If that hit gets called like it should (I saw it clearly, at least 2 for CFB, if not 4), emotions are kept in check. That threw a huge monkey-wrench into everything.

2. Gibson stood on his head. In the third period, he made a pure paddle save, and followed it up with a save on the other side of the net second later. That would have made it a 3-2 game, instead of allowing Czinder to make it 4-1.

Sure, the Spits need guys who can finish, but they weren't fully at fault. The giveaway hurt, no question, as did the officiating. Gibson, though, stole the show.

What irritates me is Thomson ends up going with Murphy a bit after the Sieloff hit, despite others being on the ice that could have handled themselves better, and we lose Clark in a fight (same stoppage, same time, just got the major) to someone. That's two fairly key guys out when we didn't need it.
Agree with everything u say,add the non call on Posa,the hit from behind on Murphy that started the 2 fites,the trip or hook on Murphy thats missed and then he gets a penalty for a weak slash on the way up the ice terrible
Hosang had a bad night 2 giveaways directly leading to goals,anybody else notice Maletta was benched mid way thru the 2nd and did not see the ice for the rest of the nite,curious there were 9 or 10 others I may have benched 1st
Not one of our better nites,no reason to blow things up,goota give the Rangers credit they worked hard,got away with murder,were oppourntistic,and their goalie was their best player

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