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Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
actually no Crosby isnt needed. If Crosby disappears off the face of the earth tomorrow, does the league die? No it moves on.
Crosby by himself, no; Crosby along with the 699 other top flight players? Yes.

fact is, the players need the owners just as much. A good majority of North American players have ZERO interest in playing overseas on a permanent basis. Most dont even care to play an entire season over there. No matter what, the players need the owners.

if the players didnt need the owners, and sorry your sad sack reasoning that the government, community etc could run the team is laughable.
Green Bay, Saskatchewan, United of Manchester all do okay running their franchises, despite your belief to the contrary.
Then they become owners, you think they will accept operating at losses. Thats a ridiculous argument. If the owners werent needed, the players would ALL be in Europe right now. They fully know the cash is here in North America which is why they are willing to fall off a cliff to try and win this CBA
Guess why the Pens and San Jose had an operating loss this year? (Hint: It's not because of the players).

Why would the players all be in Europe right now? No player wants to be on the 3 teams mentioned above because the community owns them? That's pretty laughable if you believe that.

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