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12-13-2012, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by tmlhockeyfan View Post
Thomas has won a cup and I doubt Bruins would re-sign Thomas now that they have Rask and Subban. In fact, Thomas might like the politics in Toronto a little more. Which may be why he would want to come here. Getzlaf may sign since Carlyle is head coach. He had Carlyle as a head coach before and Burke as the GM (won a cup too).

You're acting like Luongo is our only option. No, Luongo won't be our saviour. We're going to end up wasting good pieces for a goaltender that is slowly turning to #2 for Canucks. Getting Luongo will NOT make a difference on whether or not we sign a huge centre...

Honestly, I would not give much just to sign Luongo. No prospects and no picks for him. I'd rather overpay Thomas a little than let that happen (couldn't be as bad as overpaying Komisarek).
From what I undersrand of Thomas's politcal views, I would think canada's social and fiscal liberalism is kinda counter to what he believes Regardless, I agree that trying to sign Thomas next offseason would be a much better option than giving up much needed assets to get Luongo. Excellent stop gap for a year or two to see what we have in Reimer or try to find a better fit than Luongo. Although I don't see this happening.

Although I agree Luongo will have no impact on our abiity to sign a bonafide center, he would have a good impact on the ice if we are able to sign one (or a solid d). That I will definately agree with nucks fans with. Its the cost to accquire and the additional baggage he carries that makes me very weary of Luongo coming to Toronto.

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