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12-13-2012, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by ChuckWoods View Post
He was.

My Feeling: Now that he's not simming well and there's a strong chance that he misses the playoffs... Playing these games is the only way its possible for him to make it.

It's not his league. He's been kind enough to put his "stamp" on it, but changing rules seems like it didnt go over too well in Bluth either.

His suggestions carry as much weight as yours and mine, and the majority has already spoken on the rule.

I think ONLY the last block should be played and the pace continue the way it was meant to be, and the original rules that were set out should be stuck to firmly.
Why would you call someone out like this? Everyone's allowed to have their opinions.

I personally think we should be able to play the last 10-12 games of the season. We've simmed plenty of games in this league, people should have the chance to finish out the season playing their games.

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