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12-13-2012, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by ChuckWoods View Post
Why cry for a change of rules last minute?

I understand the want/need to play these last 10-12 games.

But if thats the case then why not sim more during the middle of the season?

Keep it 50/50 as advertised.
Because like you said this is a learning experience for us all. Honestly I didn't think everyone would like simming. But seeing how this is my first league I think we'll do it like this. We'll play the last 2 blocks. But starting next year we will be adopting some of our sister leagues rules(franchise player, backup goalie) which will be explained in the off season. Also I'm thinking a triple sim in the middle of the season to makeup for the last 2 blocks which should in theory make these last 2blocks even more interesting and playoffs more intense. My only regret is keeping injuries on with so many games simmed.

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