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12-13-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Moskau View Post
Or how every 2nd and 3rd year player under him as regressed tremendously with the exception of maybe Biega.

You can blame Drew Schiestel's career derailment on his injury but how does he go from being amazing most nights in Portland to a complete dud under Rolston to amazing again with Texas to being jerked around more than a 50 year old Male on vacation in Singapore this season?

Luke Adam... playing better of late but good guy what happened here? I haven't seen a player fall off like that in years, no decades... no for as long as I have been following Hockey. That isn't even hyperbole on my part I legitimately can't think of someone.

McNabb to me was shakey on many nights last year and never that outstanding defensively with Kootenay to begin with. But he has regressed to being as bad defensively and with decision making as his 17 or 18 year old self. When he's on he's on and when he's off he is terrible. Just no consistency on a game to game basis with him. He looks far worse in the AHL under Rolston than he did against NHL competition.

I guess this is for another thread but Rolston sucks. This organization has drafted beautifully the last 5 or so years and this guy has a chance to ruin some of it. He needs to go.
To be fair, Adam's 180 started when he was in Buffalo, before Rolston had the chance to screw him up.

But yeah...Rolston is such a drop from the days of Kevin Dineen. My only concern is Pegula with his "family" approach won't want to fire him and replace him with someone who can work better with the young guys.

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