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Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
699 other players are not going to find jobs else where. That ludicrous. At most, a 100 in Europe and likely much less seeing as many would be happy earning the cash in north America.

I said it was laughable because an owner is an owner. Owners are replaceable, it doesnt mean the next owner will accept losing money. Thats why your argument of replaceable owners is laughable. You seem to think their are endless owners willing to lose money. Thats simply idiotic.

Your reading comprehension needs some work, and second you stated those 3 teams. i didnt say no one wants to play for them and i believe that. Stop making things up and stating that i said things when you brought up those teams. Players would be flocking to Europe right now if as you say NHL owners are easily replaceable middle men. Basically you are saying they dont need the NHL and its owners. If that was the case, they would be playing elsewhere earning the big bucks. They arent running elsewhere because they know the NHL is their cash cow.
An Owner is an owner and they are the only people who can own and they are all ownering, right?

And you clearly need help with contractions and homonyms, so please stick to the topic at hand. Nice troll attempt though, brah.

I've cited at the very least two ownership groups who lose money because they choose to (Pittsburgh and San Jose).

What you said:

if the players didnt need the owners, and sorry your sad sack reasoning that the government, community etc could run the team is laughable.

What I said:

Green Bay, Saskatchewan, United of Manchester all do okay running their franchises, despite your belief to the contrary.
So three examples of teams that run in an effective manner through a community has nothing to do with your assertion that my "sad sack reasoning that the government, community etc could run the team is laughable"? Uhh, okay then?

Yes, no one plays the game because they dreamed of winning a Stanley Cup when they were younger. They play there now because of the Stanley Cup and because it's the best league in the world; if a new league were to be created and the top 700 players played there instead, what's stopping that league from becoming the best in the world?

I have already stated that a new league would eventually be created to replace the NHL; it could take a while but it would happen.

Clearly your reading comprehension needs some work.

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