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12-13-2012, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by RaskY View Post
Drove past Sheridan College near Sq1 today, and like I wanna apply there I really would like to go there since it's not too far from my house but like damn, just looking at it and the idea of college seems so depressing. I know it's ****ed cuz like college should be a good thing and I can work towards my career and all that stuff but just seeing the people in there it was like 9:00 and it was all dark in there, empty, a few students still in there alone on their laptops doing ****...Like I dunno I guess I'm just not ready to leave high-school yet. I ****ing love just going to school everyday, knowing everybody and I'm so used to this same routine...
I can't wait to leave highschool. I hate going to school everyday. I just want a job, but I know I have years of schooling even after highschools done

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