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12-13-2012, 10:54 PM
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Nothing goes as planned, a team will throw a wrench into the parade of the big 5.

Group A
1. Finland 3-1-0-0 |11 Points
2. Sweden 2-1-1-0 |9 Points
3. Czech Republic 1-0-2-1 |5 Points
4. Switzerland 0-2-0-2 |4 Points
5. Latvia 0-0-1-3 | 1 Point

I made that pretty confusing, but it means:
Finland beat Sweden in overtime, and the onther teams in regulation.
Sweden beat Switzerland and Latvia in regulation, the Czech Repulbic in overtime, and lost to Finland in overtime.
Czechs beat Latvia in regulation, lost to Switzerland/Sweden in overtime, and Finland in regulation.
Switzerland beat Czechs and Latvians in overtime, but lost to Sweden and Finland in regulation.
Latvians lost to the Swiss in overtime, and to everyone else in regulation.
Group B
1. Canada 4-0-0-0 |12 Points
2. Russia 2-1-0-1 |8 Points
3. USA 0-2-1-1 |5 Points
4. Slovakia 1-0-1-2 |4 Points
5. Germany 0-0-1-3 |

This means:
Canada beat all teams in regulation
Russia beat the US in ovetime, Slovakia and Germany in regulation and lost to Canada in regulation
USA beat Germany and Slovakia in overtime, lost to Russia in overtime, and lost to Canada in regulation
Slovakia beat Germany in regulation, lost to the USA in overtime, and lost to Canada and Russia in regulation
Germany lost to the USA in ovetime and everyone else in regulation
Playoff Round
A2 v B3
USA over Sweden 5-2

B2 v A3
Czech Republic over Russia 2-1


A1 v B3
Finland USA 3-2

B1 v A3
Canada over Czech Republic 7-0


Bronze Medal
Czech Republic over USA 3-2

Gold Medal
Canada over Finland 8-5

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