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12-13-2012, 11:00 PM
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Rant on:

I like the concept of team toughness with skill and without huge liabilities... This team has it.

Being competent for top6 doesn't automatically mean you can't play other roles? That's just not logical...
Gritty players are usually called defensive, because they get defensive roles due to not being able to do anything else... They aren't necessarily better defensively. Is there some hockey god regulator that makes you only good at one but not both? Besides, the best way to reduce chances for the other team is a strong system with skilled players too keep the puck in the other teams zone as much as possible.
Rarely are "bottom6" guys better defensively than 2way-players.
Rarely are "bottom6" guys able to push the puck out of their zone
Many of the best "top6" guys were elite "bottom6" guys before they were pushed up

TC has many players that are solid defensively
TC has many players that can play well on the PK
TC has many players that can play an edgy game if given the role
Many of our "offensive players" play with an edge, are solid against-the-boards/in-the-corners/in-front-of-the-net

For example look at our top line:
Huberdeau: plays with an edge, can be physical and dynamic, plays with emotion (just ask that ref), solid defensively
RNH: doesn't get pushed around by NHLers... why would he have a problem at WJC? Solid defensively at an NHL level
Scheifele: was one of the grittiest players for the Can-Rus Summer Challenge (even got a misconduct lol although it was iffy), solid defensively
Heck, we could play power vs power and line these guys against the other teams top lines!!!

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