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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
Any team can beat any team if things just fall into place. Great goaltending alone can do it in a single game. Based on the rosters, I can honestly say that I'd take Russia 9 times out of 10 to beat USA. Can you say the same for the US, or are you predicting a huge upset. Calling a US win over Russia anything less than an upset is seriously poor evaluation of each squad.

As good as I think Canada will be in a lockout year, Russia is the favorite this year. They are more veteran, have 9 returning players from a team that lost the Gold medal in OT, have maybe the two best goalies in the tournament, Yakupov wasn't first overall for nothing and the tournament is on home, international sized ice.

So yes, I think it is bold to not only predict that USA will finish ahead of them, but that then they will also blow the QF in the same year.

The way I see it...

1A Russia
1B Canada

3A Sweden
3B Finland
6 Czech
Funny how you're highlighting the fact that Russia has 9 returnees, yet ignoring the fact that Sweden has 6 and would have had 9 if not for the injuries and Ottawa.

Also, while it's 9 players from a team who lost the finals in OT, yet it's 9 players from the team who won 1/4 in OT by an ugly goal against Czechs aswell. They easily could have lost to Czech Republic, they were closer to that than to win the finals.

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