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12-14-2012, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Dangles78 View Post
Honestly, I don't understand why you feel the need to patronize me with a condescending reply. I understand that a large proportion of individuals on this board make an effort to understand the game of hockey, and specifically take an interest in the Penguins organization. With that comes a great deal of knowledge.
I'm not being condescending. I'm clearly outlining the function of the site, as the insinuation seemed to be that people who weren't involved in the game in a professional capacity weren't allowed to have a dissenting opinion.

I'm not questioning anyones opinion. I'm just surprised that people are so capable of basing such a strong opinion without having everything come together.
Again. Hockey's Future, not Hockey's Present.

And that's not condescension, that's pointing out a fact that's being overlooked.

And your bolded part...really? I don't want to dig too far deep (or at all), but c'mon. A lot of people have been writing off Bennett for awhile. The fact is, a lot of people posting here seem to jump the gun with prospects.
Yes, really. Most people who have taken issue with the Bennett pick have only done so relative to Kuznetsov, they weren't writing him off as a prospect. There's a difference.

I don't mean to harp on this, but people are misrepresenting positions here.

I can give you a condescending reply and say that while people have an opinion on DePo, I have an opinion on posters here. I'm not attacking anyone, kinda like you are, and I respect peoples opinions. With that said, a lot of posts seem to be "DePo sucks, pick sucks, our scouting sucks". No empirical evidence to support it.

As for the bolded part: sure people may end up being "right", but that plays into the hindsight argument. If someone can give me a comprehensive and concrete argument focusing on why DePo was the absolute wrong decision then go for it, but until then stop acting like you know how things are going work out.
Evaluating a prospect based on personal viewings, professional rankings, and statistics is not a hindsight argument. It is the exact opposite of a hindsight argument.

Several people throughout the thread have explained in great detail what they like and dislike about Pouliot, and why they believe a prospect like Grigorenko or Forsberg would've been preferable.

Going on record as disliking a pick doesn't mean you're pretending you know how things will work out any more than going on record as liking it does. It means you've developed an opinion, that's it.

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