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12-14-2012, 01:08 AM
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JW is anyone that commented for the last page and a half a true ranger fan???? Cause all I read is negativity! Yes Spott sometimes makes horrible decisions! Yes with out Reider, Puempel, Faksa, and Murphy this team doesn't look too strong! After reading the hate on the line-ups tonight, you would think the rangers would automatically lose this game. After watching tonight I had no problem with these line-ups. It was a solid game out of the rangers tonight, even with all the injuries and scratches. But onto my question when the rangers get healthy..... which they will, why shouldn't spott try to go for it! You know what I'd rather have him go for it then stay put. Reading this thread it seems everyone wants him to sell. I understand that the Rangers don't have many picks lined up for the next few years, but every team goes through a rough couple years to get back on track. We can't do any worse then Erie has. So basically in a nut shell my true question is, If we buy (which I think is the thing to do with the talent we have already) who out there could Spott truly pick up, with the young talent/ lack of draft picks we have left?

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