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12-14-2012, 12:24 AM
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Skating, Shooting, Playing games update to me.


Been awhile since I posted but, here goes.

I started the NCHL beginner program as a complete and utter noob I skated for my first time with my team a few months ago. In the past 2 1/2 months my skating has improved dramatically, more stable, (when the skates aren't dull) I can't stop, crossover, or skate backwards, but I will be investing a lot of time at some out door rinks this winter.

Also decided to go to the local sports store where they had a couple shooting lanes with demo sticks and pucks and a few nets. I spent the better part of an hour firing shots at the net with various sticks to find the "right" one. I did looked at the model Bauer Nexus 1000. $280 dollar stick. I did not buy it as I can not see the value in using a 300 dollar twig when I may touch the puck twice in a game. But It felt better and I could really fire the puck with it.

I want everyones advice on skating though, I am a bigger guy, and that being said I find stoping unbelievably hard. the sideways stop seems almost freaking like magic. Its pretty bad because I can skate forward and pick up speed fast, but stoping and turning back checking seems impossible, or we get the situation last week where I went into there zone opposing player came around the corner and had his head down I could not stop and head on collision full force. My stick ended up at my blue line it was such a hard hit. I usually use the boards to slow me down I feel like a hazard and that I cannot play in position.

So thoughts on buying a 280 dollar composite stick for such a crappy player?

And how am I gonna learn to stop when I have issues doing so?

When I go to stop by turning sides I usually do a sharp turn lose my balance and fall. last game I smashed the back of helmet on the ice. For a no contact league I come home with quite a few bruises.

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