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12-14-2012, 02:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
I'm going to address these issues objectively:

6. And way more expectations from management
Not a real factor IMO

I'm going to add a big one that I see:
7. Schultz doesn't have an NHL-calibre slapshot
While not amazing, Karlsson's slapshot is definitely effective and allows him to get a lot of goals. Schultz and Karlsson have arguably equal wrist shots, but a defenseman's bread and butter should be their slapshot. Teams are going to figure out really quick that they don't need to respect Schultz's slapshot or one-timer, and it may remove his effectiveness on the PP.
The reason I state his expectations as an issue are for those expecting him to live up to his hype at an NHL level. Nobody expected Karlsson to have the season he did. He seems really cool headed which is great, because the media in EDM can be ridiculously unforgiving.

And its true his slapshot is weaker than Karlsson's. But I would expect them to put Yakupov on the point the way NJ does with Kovi. The big 5 on the ice at the same time is a scary thought lol.

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