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12-14-2012, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by New Liskeard View Post
There has been very few if anyone who has made an issue with his cap hit, the issue is the continuation of his cap hit in his late 30's and early 40's. Firstly, this contract and others is the main reason it looks as though there will be contract limits and limitations on the percentages over the contract. Circumventing contracts like this will cease to exist. Thanks to this contract, the abilty to put players in the minors to hide the cap hit will no longer be available. Any contract has to be weighted as the present and future value to the club as well as many other things. The point is simply this, this contract was designed to play less initially, with the length and variation of salary so the cap hit in his prime is lower. Problem is, the team aquiring him is getting him at the later stages of his career and contract. where the main risk lies.

First bold: Exactly. They will cease to exist because they are so damned good.

Second bold: Assumption.

The main risk does lie in the latter stages of his contract. However, the key point here is that because shrewd GMs like Gillis have built in multiple "outs" into the latter part of his deal, the risks are largely mitigated. That's why these contracts are being attacked right now.

Put another way, normally there is balance in a contract if it is extra long, with a very good cap-hit. You take on the long-term risk in order to have an extremely competitive cap-hit. Even when he's 37/38, his cap-hit will still be very competitive among starters of his quality (Brodeur just signed for 4.5m over two years by the way). However, it becomes unfair to illegally good when you have outs built in to rid yourself of his salary later - even if doesn't retire (which he has implied publically that he will). That's what turns a balanced contract into a fantastically unfair deal. It alleviates the risks. This is what you aren't understanding. There is no risk unless the NHL does away with the waiver wire, which they won't do.

There are simply too many outs to have to worry about it. He's got two trade windows. He's implied early retirement. He can be waived at any point. Further, if the NHL actually saddles the signing team with his extended cap-hit, there is literally no risk to a destination team. The contract becomes phenomenal at that point.

Originally Posted by BigMacJokinen View Post
And this drops his trade value too.

Does him wanting to leave to go to FLA, drop his value in trade to TO? FLA is where he makes his home when not in VAN. TO is just another team.

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