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12-14-2012, 02:57 AM
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The Ignorance of Mental Health...

I wanted to start a thread outside the political forum to discuss mental health. It is one of the least understood medical conditions and one of the hardest to diagnosis. In many cases, there are no physical indicators and since some issues are so similar, it's hard to separate them at all. Many, many people don't really understand what a mental illness is and society as a whole isn't really equip to deal with people that have mental illnesses. Many people that are ignorant, simply don't understand or understand a vague part of the issue. It's like telling a person who has cancer to walk it off. Furthermore, some symptoms mask other worse conditions, so the probability of a misdiagnosis is high and it can take years of therapy to actually fix the issue.

This thread is discuss mental illness and any questions relating to those issues.

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